For 15 years, our client Flickback Media has printed its informative and widely entertaining Trivia Playing Cards in China. Now, we are excited to announce that we are domestically manufacturing their custom card products at our Orlando, FL USA headquarters.

Whether it’s for a birth date, wedding anniversary, or significant milestone, their media and game products provide a fix of nostalgia for all, recalling defining moments in pop culture, sports, news, and world events personal to your year.

If you’re interested, feel free to explore our custom card products and fulfillment options.



Earn a chance to win 10 playing card decks when you enter your original artwork to the Winter Card Art Contest. In your submission post, tag us at @ShuffledInk on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The winner will have their design featured on a 54-card deck of poker-sized cards with custom card backs and standard faces.

The contest ends on Dec. 31 at 11:59 p.m.

Previous Contest Winners: October Card Art


Cards and magic, going hand-in-hand ever since the 1400s. From witchcraft debunking and poker trickery to magician performances, card tricks reign popular in the playing card community.

Accessibility and resonance. These are a couple of reasons why an eternal flame is lit underneath playing card magic. The old, the young and those in-between find entertainment in illusions, whether the cards are in their hands or not.

Even blockbuster films formulate storylines where magicians and their tricks take center stage.

Now You See Me (2013)

Four talented illusionists use their captivating and mindboggling performances to steal money from those who are corrupt. The audience members are then rewarded with the contraband cash. But this doesn’t fly with the federal agents whose mission is to put these magicians’ bank heists to a halt.


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Cards and magic, have gone hand-in-hand ever since the 1400s. From witchcraft debunking and poker trickery to street and stage performances, manipulation card tricks captivate the playing card community.

But why does there seem to be an eternal flame lit underneath card magic? Well, our fascination with card illusions can be attributed to the very first magicians who inspired today’s crop of recruits.

An illusionist and magician are interchangeable. Both perform in a public capacity and perform magic tricks like sleight-of-hand and other manipulation tricks with various props like playing cards, rope, handcuffs, etc.

Card Magic

The First Magicians

  • Robert Houdin‘s (1805 – 1871) background in clockmaking enticed him to implement electricity into his performances. He was one of the first magicians to do so. But it was a much simpler party trick that secured his claim to fame as the Father of Modern Magic. During the popular act, his son, while blindfolded, tried to guess objects that Robert held in the air.
  • Harry Houdini (1874 – 1926) added an “I” to the end of his stage name as a nod to the late Robert Houdin. Houdini was known for escape artist, successfully using strength, intelligence and agility to break free from chain and rope restrictions.


The card collecting process may be non-linear, but your deck display shouldn’t be.

What deems a deck worthy of collecting, let alone displaying? Well, there really isn’t a definitive answer to this question. Choosing which playing cards to display is determined on a collector-to-collector basis. But there are a ton of factors that go into the collecting process. Some collectors look for vibrant designs that stand out. For others, it is the brand that secures a spot on the self. There are even collectors who seek misprint decks because of their one-of-a-kind flaws. But really, the art of collecting is based on preference, and even that isn’t always consistent.

Here’s another commonly asked question: Are you are a card collector or a box collector?

Unlike box collectors, who see breaking deck seals as a collecting sin, card collectors don’t necessarily share that mindset, especially if they aren’t interested in selling or trading their cards. Card collectors enjoy tearing away the cello wrap and seals in order to admire the card’s design. Now, one collector isn’t superior to the other, but this distinction does impact how collections are displayed.

The card-collecting process may be non-linear, but your deck display should not be. If your decks are shoved in a junk drawer or hidden in boxes under your bed, and you’re looking for a way to better display them, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you will discover how even the most mundane household items can be repurposed to display your unique collection.

For Box Collectors:

1. Shelf Display

Let’s start off with one of the most common display options. This presentation can kill two birds with one stone by using one space for multiple collections. Now, of course, this doesn’t have to be a shelf filled with books or even any type of item besides your card collection. We just like to remind you that it isn’t necessary to clear an entire shelf for only cards unless you’d prefer it that way. Here are some ‘bookshelf display’ examples from a few of our clients.

(Please note that Shuffled Ink did not produce every deck in the photos).

2. Bottles

Think back to the first deck you ever owned. Why did you get it? Was it a gift? An impulse purchase? Did you design it yourself? Has that one become a party of five…and five turned into twenty and beyond? Do you know where they are now?

If your answer to the last question is along the lines of ‘hidden away and out of sight,’ then we have a solution for you. This method repurposes wine bottles and

For Card & Box Collectors:

1. Shadow Box

The Shadow Box method is one of the coolest ways to showcase both the playing card and box design. Place each card box on the far left of the case and in every space thereafter display your favorite cards from that deck.

The community of playing card collecting is a place for 1,000-deck veterans; for newbies navigating their way through the hobby; for manufacturers like us who want to better understand your fascination with specific decks.

Collectors, designers, backers — these are several types of members in the playing card community. A wonderful thing about being a part of this world is the support from the members. There are tons of social media groups that guide such a hobby.

(multiple display cases on the wall); (displayed on bookshelf with her favorite books)


Playing Card Art Contests brought to you by Shuffled Ink!

Looking for a chance to design and print your own playing cards without spending a dime?

For nearly every holiday and season, Shuffled Ink (@shuffledink) hosts themed art contests to promote originality, innovation and fun! https://www.instagram.com/p/CWd11pNvcgb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


Artist Delilah Miske masterfully modernized the Rider-Waite-Smith deck in the winter of 2020. Rooted in relevance to the 21st-century reader, Adapt Tarot is a 78-card ensemble of upcycled material.

With a focus on collage art, inclusion and the environment, this deck is for anyone wishing to investigate the mysteries of the inner world.

In this exclusive Shuffled Ink Card Story, Delilah Miske shares how she used materials destined for the trash to capture the Major and Minor Arcana.

Restoring Centuries-Old Tarot Symbols

Delilah’s Card Story began well before she was even born.

In the late 1960s, while moving into a new home, Delilah’s grandmother discovered a tarot deck in the attic. Intrigued by the neglected pack of card art, she soon learned how to read the set.

Decades later, the family matriarch kindled the same passion in her granddaughter Delilah by gifting her a tarot guidebook.

For many years, Delilah either read tarot cards quietly in her room or with close friends. And when the pandemic hit, she found a social connection through tarot influencers like @laetitia.cartomancy, @thejessicadore and @em0tional0nline333 on Instagram.

Motivated to contribute to and make her mark on the world of tarot, Delilah spent her time rummaging through thrift stores, bins and other forgotten and abandoned sites to find and piece together images best suited to bring her custom tarot project to life.

The Making of Adapt Tarot: step-by-step

I hadn’t seen many tarot decks using collage, and I thought that I had something new to bring to the community. Delilah Miske
  1. Thrift All Materials: As a painter, purchasing new materials can be pricy. To avoid buyer’s remorse and racking up the bill, Delilah suggests shopping second-hand.
  2. Cut Out Images: For this particular tarot project, she found old books from thrift stores, flipped through its pages and cut out eclectic designs and poems.
  3. Make Arrangements: Then, she determined which pictures/symbols fit well together.
  4. Glue and Label: 78 collages later, she glued each assorted image onto its respective piece of Bristol paper, then labeled each one; 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana.
  5. Scan the Images: At a local scan shop, she scanned the finished artwork.
  6. Choose a Printer/Manufacturer: Delilah trusted our team at Shuffled Ink to bring her tarot restoration project to fruition. Using our free custom art templates, she submitted her artwork to us with ease.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Wheel of Fortune card (left) and Delilah Miske’s restored Adapt Tarot version (right).

The Rider-Waite-Smith Judgement card (left) and Delilah Miske’s restored Adapt Tarot version (right).

Make Your Next Project Eco-Friendly

Adapt Tarot belongs to the beholder and the ambivalence inside us all. Delilah asks that you use these cards to tap into your intuition and let in the symbols that resonate with you.

Delilah’s handmade tarot cards, enclosed in a Brown Eco Kraft Tuck Box, are made with components of post-consumer recycled fibers.

Wondering how to incorporate environmental initiatives into your custom project? Request complimentary samples of our sustainable products to touch and feel the quality for yourself!

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If we manufactured your card project and you would like us to share your Card Story on our blog, connect with our Marketing Team here.



Small talk sucks! The unCURATED card game conquers chitchat once and for all!

unCURATED is a memento to late nights on the porch, where an exchange of meaningful stories forged better conversations, deep-rooted relationships, and stronger connections.

Its founder and creator, Dr. Cherini Ghobrial, hopes that each card pulled moves you closer to a solidified emotional foundation and further away from surface-level interactions.

About Dr. Cherini Ghobrial, Creator & Founder of unCURATED

After graduating from pharmacy school, where she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Dr. Ghobrial wanted to pursue health beyond physical wellness. Her current journey tackles the small-talk crisis.

The unCURATED card game is three rounds of creative questions designed to spark meaningful conversations, cultivate connection, and tend to all things essential to our emotional wellness.

My hope for unCURATED is that by creating spaces to ask better questions, together, we can create spaces where we can be seen, where we can see others, and where we can see ourselves more deeply. Where we can realize our shared belonging to each other, and remind each other that we’re not alone. –Dr. Cherini Ghobrial

At the beginning of the creative process, Dr. Ghobrial was unsure how impactful or far-reaching unCURATED would be. But her vision became crystal clear once she realized how much humans resent small talk. Conquering unpleasant pleasantries with more thought-provoking questions, unCURATED allows a genuine interconnection to enter the chat.

Our Small World Moment

There’s no better feeling than seeing a client’s card game being played and enjoyed. –Shuffled Ink Staff

By chance, hundreds of miles away from Shuffled Ink‘s Orlando manufacturing facility, one of our employees spotted Dr. Ghobrial’s unCURATED decks at Valor Coffee in Downtown Alpharetta, Georgia.

The wonderful humans at this brick-and-mortar shop think the world of unCURATED’s mission and have happily offered the game for several years now.

“I remember packing and shipping those cards,” our team member said. “So, it was really cool to see her game out in the real world.”

Say Hello! Find unCURATED At These Locations

Since launching in 2019 and winning the Plywood Presents: Idea Competition in Atlanta, the unCURATED card game has shipped across the globe to countless individuals and businesses.

So, whether you spot the deck by coincidence or pop into one of its East Coast vendors, be sure to grab a deck, join a group, and start connecting!

If we manufactured your card project and you would like us to share your Card Story on our blog, feel free to connect with our Marketing Team here.


Branded Playing Cards for This Dream House Ohio Radio Show


We do everything to help (our clients) create what they see in their minds. Charles Levin, Shuffled Ink Founder & President

Get To Know Us Better!

Shuffled Ink is a multigenerational family business with an unwavering, decades-old mission: to provide an unparalleled experience in customer service and product quality to ensure that all clients’ card visions meet reality. See what our clients are saying about the services, product quality and pricing we offer: Shuffled Ink Google Reviews.



(top row, left to right) Charles, Matthew, Jonathan; (bottom row, left to right) Lori, Lisa, Melissa

In December 1999, Charles Levin, Founder & President of Shuffled Ink (formerly known as QPC Games), was raising three girls and two boys, ranging in age from one to 12. As a marketer living in the top U.S. travel destination (Orlando, Florida), he wanted to create an alternative to brochures and discount books.

He believed that custom-printed playing cards could deliver impactful marketing and branding applications, educational usefulness, and of course, fun-filled family game nights.

This thought, matched with an eager, entrepreneurial mindset, kickstarted Charles’ very first custom card project: advertisement playing cards, or Super Deck.

Charles’ Card Story: From Concept to Reality

The purpose of Super Deck was to promote and elevate tourist hotspots and establishments in the Orlando area. The original pack consisted of a map and cards with discounts and coupons for local attractions, dinner shows, restaurants, shopping, golf, and recreation. Soon after pitching the concept to prospective vendors, Charles had secured the marketing deck in 90 percent of Orlando hotel rooms.

Throughout the early 2000s, Shuffled Ink’s first employees were his 5 children: Melissa, Lori, Matthew, Lisa and Jonathan. The Levin family would regularly clear off the dining room table and use the space to create playing card prototypes and other related personalized products.

As sales blossomed and new opportunities arose, Charles moved the business into his three-car garage. For several years, this is where all marketing, sales, administration, and shipping took place.

For the past 9 years, Charles and his team of production facilitators, project managers and graphic designers have operated in an 8,000 square-foot office and production facility in Orlando, Florida. By Summer 2022, we are expanding into a 35,800 square-foot manufacturing and office space in Winter Garden, Florida.

Charles’ business model has changed quite a bit since Super Deck. Today, Shuffled Ink specializes in printing custom playing cardstarot and flash cardspackaging, and more for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Family Entrepreneurship: The Shuffled Ink Team

Three of Charles’ kids are still involved at Shuffled Ink today.

Matthew, his oldest son, moved back to Orlando from New York City in 2016 to help him run the business as Chief Executive Officer. His daughter Lisa worked at the company part-time for many years but now oversees all customer services as Vice President of Sales. And youngest son, Jonathan, assists behind-the-scenes in the manufacturing facility.

“Throughout the past 22+ years, my kids’ incredible contributions and influence have added to the existence, growth, and success of Shuffled Ink.”  –Charles Levin, Shuffled Ink Founder & President
The Levin Family (left to right): Charles, Lisa, Matthew and Jonathan Levin

Get To Know Us Better!

Shuffled Ink is a multigenerational family business with an unwavering, decades-old mission: to provide an unparalleled experience in customer service and product quality to ensure that all clients’ card visions meet reality.

See what our clients are saying about the services, product quality and pricing we offer: Shuffled Ink Google Reviews.

To receive complimentary samples of our card products, include your delivery address and phone number on your custom quote request form.

If we manufactured your card project and you would like us to share your Card Story on our blog, feel free to connect with our Marketing Team here.