Customized Flash Cards

Allow You to Educate in a Flash!

Everyone has different ways of teaching. When you make your own custom flash cards, you can create the ideal learning experience for any topic or subject matter.

There are no limits to design, colors or content.

You dream it, we print it!

Enhance your custom flashcards by adding on flashcard accessories, such as booklets, instructions or other related components. We make customized tuck and setup boxes as well as an array of custom sized packaging options.

  • Select your own artwork, images or photography.
  • Choose your desired card stock and finish: smooth, linen, matte (paper, PVC or plastic).
  • Choose your preferred card size and number of cards.
  • Print any design on all card backs and/or faces.
  • Pick the custom packaging (boxes, cases, tins, etc.) that’s right for you.

Card Stock Options

  • 300 Premium-Quality Paper – Smooth or Linen Finish
  • 310 Casino-Quality Paper – Smooth or Linen Finish
  • 350 Premium-Quality Paper – Smooth or Linen Finish
  • 28MM PVC (500 Min.) – Smooth or Matte Finish
  • 32MM PVC (500 Min.) – Smooth or Matte Finish
  • 35MM Plastic (500 Min.) – Smooth or Matte Finish

Custom Made Packaging

For a Perfectly Flashy Match.

Not only can you personalize your own custom printed flash cards to suit your specific requirements, but you may also complement them with the perfect packaging as well. Make your flash cards come to life with our professionally manufactured and packaged flash card sets today!

Choose from:

  • Cellophane Wrapping (Included with All Orders)
  • Custom-Printed Tuck Boxes
  • Custom-Printed Two-Part Boxes
  • Custom-Printed Tins

Custom Flash Card Applications

  • Studying for a Test
  • Employee Training
  • Make Flash Card Games
  • Learning a New Language
  • Teaching Children Facts/Definitions
  • Anything You Like.....
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Downloads & Graphics Support

Accepted File Formats

Generally speaking, it’s ideal if we receive your native file format rather than converted files. If the art is done in Adobe Photoshop, the files should be sent in .psd format. If art is done in Adobe Illustrator, the files should be sent in .ai format. Any flat images (JPEGs, BMPs, etc.) must have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.

PSD Icon
PSD (Photoshop)
Adobe Illustrator Icon
AI (Illustrator)
Corel Draw Icon
CDR (CorelDraw)
SVG Icon
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)
JPG Icon

RGB to CMYK Conversion Disclaimer

Please be aware that we print in a CMYK color process, and that all RGB files that are received WILL be converted to this color space. See below for details about this process.

In computer graphics, there are two main color modes: RGB and CMYK. The term RGB stands for red, green, and blue spectrum lights used by digital cameras, scanners, and computer monitors. CMYK (or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) inks on the other hand are used by printers to print and get a wider range of colors on a sheet. This is known as a four-color process.

The overlaying colors in RGB and CMYK are very different from one another. Many bright colors that you see on your screen or digital camera cannot be printed precisely onto a sheet. There are occasionally RGB colors that cannot be replicated by a standard CMYK printer. These are known to be “out of the CMYK color gamut.”

When color has to be exact, please send physical samples of the color and we will do our best to match. We do recommend a copy of your electronic proof is printed at home, as most non-commercial printers print in CMYK, to get a better idea of the color range. This will not be an exact match but it can show you which colors are more prone to be muted. We are happy to mail you a hard-copy proof when color matching is critical.

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