Increase and Diversify Your Sales

Leverage Shuffled Ink's web presence!

Shuffled Ink’s goal is to invest in and cultivate a tight knit community for our clients to be able to market, promote and sell their custom products. Many alternative online marketplaces charge significant referral, % of sale and other exorbitant fees. This is not our approach! We truly believe that we will achieve our greatest success, by directly partnering and investing in our clients’ success.

How It Works

Our Client Shop platform is simple and effective!

Opt into our Client Shop program  and enjoy these benefits:

  • No % of sale or referral fees
  • No set up or service charges
  • No monthly inventory storage costs

Sell in our shop even if we didn’t manufacture your product!

What Are The Costs?

Let us help you improve your profit margins & decrease your cost to sell your products.

Members of our Client Shop platform enjoy simple and straightforward costs:

  1. Shipping Carton Charges – Covers the cost of the labor and materials for packing and shipping your product
  2. Per Item Pick Charges – Covers the cost of pulling each item sold

Contact us to become a member of our Client Shop or for additional information.