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Many spiritualists love using tarot cards as a great tool to gain insight into the past, present, and future. With each card having a specific meaning for interpretation, this has inspired artists to create their own custom tarot card decks to become more significant and sentimental to them while also helping provide others with guidance and clarity. Today we are sharing the story behind one of many artists we have worked with who went above and beyond creating her own custom tarot card deck called “Northern Animal Tarot” by Linda.

“Look, Listen to the Nature Around You. Nature Is a Free Show. It Takes a Bit of Time to Enjoy It.” 


When we asked Linda about her creative process behind the “Northern Animal Tarot” deck, she shared with us that it was her first deck. She mentioned that she faced a nice challenge in making the entire deck feel cohesive. Linda also talked about how she drew inspiration from the forest creatures she observes in nature every day while creating these beautiful cards!

Advice for Artist

Great advice from Linda for those who are interested in creating custom tarot cards is to sketch them out on paper as mini cards to see the overall theme of the deck. This is a great tip for artists who are looking for new ways to take cohesive themes to the next level!

Why Shuffled Ink? 

Finally, we asked Linda why she chose to bring her wonderful project to life with us. Here is what she had to say, “Some deck creators get their decks made by you, and I had tried a few other places closer to home with mixed results. So, I thought I would give you a try since other deck creators were happy with your work. And now I see why – you listen, care, and have great communication throughout the whole process.”

We are grateful to Linda for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with her on this project. We hope her journey in creating custom tarot cards will inspire future artists! 

The Artist


If you are interested in purchasing your very one Norther Animal Tarot card deck, visit her online shop here and be sure to check out her Instagram for daily updates! 


Visit her Kickstarter for the next upcoming project!


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