For centuries, playing cards have been a standard component used in games.  The period and country in which playing cards first originated are not solid, but its popularity in entertainment is certainly recognizable.  Just as our ancestors, we host game nights with our friends and family.  The difference today is the card games they created are now referred to as eminent classics. We typically play these classic card games with a standard 54-card deck.  But have you ever considered putting a personal twist on one of these games?  At Shuffled Ink, every component of your deck is customizable, allowing for a suitable design process!  To get you started, here are some suggestions on how to customize a classic card game.

Your Original Illustrations

Each card game has an underlying theme.  Most of the time, the game’s title gives it away.  For example, if you wanted to personalize the classic children’s game Go Fish, then you can create card backs and faces with various sea creature illustrations.  This complements the traditional card game by introducing an interactive and lively feel to each playing card. If you are not confident in your artistry, no need to worry.  Our expert graphic design team will assist you every single step of the way to ensure that your innovative illustrations will embody your vision.

Unique Rule Revisions

Card games should have a clear basis for rules and directions.  But you do not have to follow the card game’s original set of rules.  Enhance your gaming experience by personalizing an instructions sheet with your unique rule revisions.  Even the most common and popular games can be improved.
  • Add a Twist: If you are customizing the classic card game Uno, let your ideas run wild.  As a fun twist, perhaps instill a rule that allows a one-time instance where a player who is holding 12 or more cards can choose to give at least one of their cards to any player they choose.  This can possibly cause a level of frustration equal to when someone is dealt with a “Draw Four” card.

Classic Game Accessories

A traditional 54-card deck is typically the sole component needed when playing a classic card game like War, Gin Rummy, Canasta, etc.  If you’re looking to add a creative element, consider including custom accessories like dice, spinners, timers, etc.  This implementation will naturally change some elements to the game, but that makes it more intriguing and, of course, personal.
  • Higher Stakes: If you are familiar with the card game War, then you know that it is merely based on luck.  If you need a refresher on this classic game, two players challenge each other to see who puts down the highest card.  The goal is to obtain the most playing cards.  The original game consists of one determinant that guarantees which card will win the round.  Use dice to make the stakes higher.  Not only will you need to have the highest card between the two but will also roll the dice and add that onto the number on the card for the grand total.  This way, your luck will be tested not once but twice!
  • Quick Paced: There is nothing more frustrating than playing a slow card game.  We have all either experienced playing alongside one of these types of players or have been the player who tends to slow the game down.  A game timer can easily fix this distracting dilemma and luckily can be used in practically any classic card game.  You just need to assign someone to handle tracking the time.

Classic Card Games Tailored to Your Taste

The possibilities are truly endless when customizing with Shuffled Ink.  Whether you decide to add a personal twist to a classic card game or start from scratch, we will assist with all your innovative ideas.  Pair your creativity with the basis of the card games we have been playing for centuries to create a game that’s better than ever!   ● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Card Games at: ShuffledInk

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