The card collecting process may be non-linear, but your deck display shouldn’t be.

What deems a deck worthy of collecting, let alone displaying? Well, there really isn’t a definitive answer to this question. Choosing which playing cards to display is determined on a collector-to-collector basis. But there are a ton of factors that go into the collecting process. Some collectors look for vibrant designs that stand out. For others, it is the brand that secures a spot on the self. There are even collectors who seek misprint decks because of their one-of-a-kind flaws. But really, the art of collecting is based on preference, and even that isn’t always consistent.

Here’s another commonly asked question: Are you are a card collector or a box collector?

Unlike box collectors, who see breaking deck seals as a collecting sin, card collectors don’t necessarily share that mindset, especially if they aren’t interested in selling or trading their cards. Card collectors enjoy tearing away the cello wrap and seals in order to admire the card’s design. Now, one collector isn’t superior to the other, but this distinction does impact how collections are displayed.

The card-collecting process may be non-linear, but your deck display should not be. If your decks are shoved in a junk drawer or hidden in boxes under your bed, and you’re looking for a way to better display them, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you will discover how even the most mundane household items can be repurposed to display your unique collection.

For Box Collectors:

1. Shelf Display

Let’s start off with one of the most common display options. This presentation can kill two birds with one stone by using one space for multiple collections. Now, of course, this doesn’t have to be a shelf filled with books or even any type of item besides your card collection. We just like to remind you that it isn’t necessary to clear an entire shelf for only cards unless you’d prefer it that way. Here are some ‘bookshelf display’ examples from a few of our clients.

(Please note that Shuffled Ink did not produce every deck in the photos).

2. Bottles

Think back to the first deck you ever owned. Why did you get it? Was it a gift? An impulse purchase? Did you design it yourself? Has that one become a party of five…and five turned into twenty and beyond? Do you know where they are now?

If your answer to the last question is along the lines of ‘hidden away and out of sight,’ then we have a solution for you. This method repurposes wine bottles and

For Card & Box Collectors:

1. Shadow Box

The Shadow Box method is one of the coolest ways to showcase both the playing card and box design. Place each card box on the far left of the case and in every space thereafter display your favorite cards from that deck.

The community of playing card collecting is a place for 1,000-deck veterans; for newbies navigating their way through the hobby; for manufacturers like us who want to better understand your fascination with specific decks.

Collectors, designers, backers — these are several types of members in the playing card community. A wonderful thing about being a part of this world is the support from the members. There are tons of social media groups that guide such a hobby.

(multiple display cases on the wall); (displayed on bookshelf with her favorite books)

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