Meet The Artist

We had the honor of collaborating with Jessie Barber this spring! Jessie is a wonderful artist and mother who runs the Etsy store AWoodlandFairyTale .  Being a full-time artist with little ones and a farm can be challenging, but Jessie still shines through and shares her journey! Jessie opens up with her viewers to inspire future mothers who love to be creative, but may feel that they struggle with finding their identity while balancing the role of motherhood.  After recently giving birth to a girl almost two years ago, she mentions how 2022 “has been filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows as I adjusted and settled into the role of motherhood, while also finding a way to keep my identity as a creative and artist.”


If you would like to learn more you can follow her on Instagram here. There you can find her brilliant creations along with sneak peeks of the family!

We were excited to take this beautiful piece that Jessie created for spring and record the process of turning her artwork into playing cards! Click here to watch the process: Spring card process 



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