Survive Now, Cry Later: Christopher Chartier Card’s Story

Shuffled Ink had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher Chartier to discuss the details behind the creation of “Survive” the card game. A four-year-long team project that “started on cut up pieces of note cards, laminated, and then colored with crayon.” The creators of “Survive” wanted to separate themselves from the mainstream design of card games. They worked with an artist to create multiple variations of card boxes that would stand out from the rest for customers to choose from.


Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

When asked if there were any issues they faced during the creation of the “Survive”, Christopher responded, “The hardest part is growing a following. The constant questioning of “did I do enough, am I doing the right things, and are we headed in the right direction”. A common feeling many creators struggle with when releasing their product to the public for the first time. Christopher’s advice for seasoned and newbie card designers is, “Post post post. Get in front of the camera. Develop a posting schedule. Learning from my mistakes.”


Working With Shuffled Ink

When asked why he chose to work with Shuffled Ink, he explained “I chose Shuffled Ink because I wanted to manufacture in the US, not overseas. After narrowing that process down, Lisa was the first to respond. She took the time to go over the process of everything and represented the company really well, and actually seemed interested in our product.” Christopher continues, “You can instantly see how dedicated Shuffled Ink is to delivering the best product possible. We have been so delighted and beyond pleased with how good the quality is when it arrives. The tuck boxes are excellent quality and very durable and the cards have that professional feel you are looking for.”

We are so thankful to hear such kind feedback as we strive for meeting our client’s expectations and want to make sure they feel taken care of every step of the way! If you are looking to create a custom card game click here to get started.

If you are interested in purchasing the “Survive” card game, Visit their website here. They have early bird specials available for a limited time! They also launched a Kickstarter which is currently live and can be viewed here.



About Shuffled Ink

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