Many professionals and brands love using affirmation cards as a way to jumpstart their day. Affirmation cards can bring a sense of purpose, an intention, or just a happy thought to start the day with. 

Here at Shuffled Ink, we were so excited when Mother Kombucha reached out to us with a special project in mind.


For this blog, we spoke with Taylor, Mother Kombucha’s Mother of Marketing and Content. 

At Mother Kombucha, their motto is “creating delicious sparkling beverages to nurture a better world”.

With their brand new affirmation deck, Mother Kombucha has just taken things to the next level. 

When asked how it began, Taylor shared that they were looking to create branded messaging a step above the usual swag.

The idea was to create something engaging and meaningful to their customers.

Their team has a ritual of pulling affirmation cards before meetings, so it’s a way of inviting you into their practice as well!

The four channeled messages are dedication, intuition, nurture, and creativity. Each card elaborates on the concept and invites you to think deeper.

Regarding the design process, Taylor was thrilled to work with Berlin-based artist Bene Rohlman.




The team at Mother Kombucha has admired Bene for a while, so working with him was a highlight of the project. He designed their  “The Mother” artwork along with the moon, star, flower, and hand elements.

The messages themselves came from Taylor and their founder, Tonya. They sat with the designs and channeled messages based on the various elements. 

Working so closely on the design and messaging has brought a lot of joy in and around the project. 

Taylor said the reaction to their deck has been incredible. In particular, she loves seeing people’s faces light up after picking a card. 

You can tell they truly connect with the messages written and it makes a lasting impact. Or at least a happy, reflective moment in their day.”

When I asked if Taylor had any advice for newbie card creators and designers, she had this to say:

“Work with a trusting/synergistic team and stay authentic to your brand.” 



Further proof that your team is integral to success, she also said: “Because we worked with such a great designer and the team at Shuffled Ink is so pro, we didn’t run into any major issues or hold-ups.”

We asked why they chose us and were thrilled to hear that the initial meeting with Lisa, our Vice President and their project manager, went incredibly well.

They were looking for a manufacturer  familiar with tarot and affirmation cards. The big deciding factors were that we are local, and kombucha lovers ourselves that are familiar with their brand! (It’s true, we love kombucha. Big time.) Taylor said it felt like Kismet, so working with us was a no-brainer. 

Fortunately for us, the team over at Mother Kombucha is incredibly generous and sent us some of their best flavors to enjoy!

We had a great time unboxing the beverages and trying various flavors. The office favorite was definitely the Arise, which is a mango, peach and ginger flavored tea with just a hint of natural caffeine to give you an extra boost. 

Our office dog, Dexter, had a particular affinity for the Hoped Passionfruit (sniffing it, anyway!).



Truth be told, every flavor we tried was delicious. You can’t go wrong with their beverages. 

It is an exciting time over at Mother Kombucha.

They have just launched their third beverage in their Alchemy Line! The brand new drink is called ReNEW. It has a yummy yuzu pineapple flavor. Even better, it is specially formulated with electrolytes and their curated blend of functional mushrooms for hydration and recovery.

They advise it can be enjoyed anytime, but is served best as part of  your post-workout and recovery routine. They say it even works great as a way to rehydrate after a lively evening out!


Their main goal for this year is to keep growing!

Taylor mentioned they now have national distribution capability. They are also focusing on social responsibility and aim to continue with their B Corp efforts. Social responsibility is a large part of their brand, and you can often find them educating and volunteering within their community. 

Looking to get your hands on one of their decks? 

They are being used as marketing giveaways and free gifts, we highly encourage you to visit them at one of their events!

You can see what they are up to next by visiting their Instagram and Website

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