What happens when a few soccer friends get together for the

weekend and accidently create a soccer card drinking game?

That is the story behind our latest spotlight, Give & Go


One night in Salem, MA, a group of friends sat down together in search of a fun drinking
to play, but were disappointed in the options they found. Existing games had pieces
that would inevitably get lost, complicated rules, and were expensive to boot. 

So, they decided to create their own.

They ripped out pieces of paper, wrote down their own prompts, and started playing
what would eventually become Give & Go.
Fun fact: it was initially called ‘Home & Away’

While playing they felt a certain magic in their discussions and banter, all stemming from
the prompts. Rather than a one-off impromptu game,
they realized this could be something. 

From there, the group got to work. The idea was to create a free flowing game which
unite & bring people together. Much like footy, the inspiration behind it all.

When CLUBELEVEN first came to us with their game, it was very much still in
the design phase.
They had a great concept but needed some assistance putting it
over the goal line, which we were happy to provide.

We tested different designs and formats until we found the magic recipe. Playing
the game is super simple. All you do is shuffle your cards then pull your first prompt.

Players then take turns drawing cards, discussing the prompts, and the banter begins! Each
deck is made up of action cards, discussion-based cards, and some that are just silly & fun.

All three come together to help spark insightful banter, all centered around soccer.

We worked together to polish things and create a beautiful product to be enjoyed by many.

The team behind Give & Go printed a few prototype copies at first just to playtest.

The played in different cities and settings – at home, the pub, bus rides, and even a little at work.
This allowed them to really  test the game and see what it is capable of.

Their testing went incredibly well, with the team receiving responses like
“I can’t believe this doesn’t already exist”, “This game is fire”, and
“This has brought back footy memories I haven’t thought about in years.”

It’s safe to say they were successful – Give & Go is already bringing people together,
creating camaraderie, and celebrating the beautiful game like never before.

After all those months of designing and playtesting, their project is now live on KickStarter!

We have loved seeing this project come to life and hope you check them out!

You can see their full story here: KickStarter. We also encourage you to see what they
are up to on their website, Instagram, and TikTok

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