There aren’t many things that say more about your brand than its marketing collateral. Not only does marketing collateral provide key information about your business, it is made up of tactile pieces of material with weight and character that physically represent your brand. This can be especially important for companies that make digital-only products because it may be the only tangible thing people end up associating with your brand.


The classic trifold brochures have become a marketing mainstay, and for good reason: they allow you to convey a lot of information in a compact form. However, with commonality comes complacency and, over the years, brochures of all kinds have become easy for potential customers to ignore and merely toss aside. You should consider utilizing more unique forms of collateral to help yourself make an impression that moves your piece to the top of the pile.


So, what is there beyond business cards and brochures? Well, it turns out there’s a lot. We suggest offering branded collateral that people can actually use. For example, you can put out coffee mugs, phone cases and, most of all, playing cards. Custom, branded playing cards are a great way to keep your company in people’s mind. It’s also one of the most effective long-term types of marketing collateral, because people don’t lose or throw away playing cards. They may put them away, or perhaps on the shelf for a while, but eventually, they’ll get in the mood for a game. When they pick your branded playing cards back up, they’ll be reminded again and again of your business, products and services.

Your marketing materials should be an investment, not a money pit. Creating strategic marketing collateral for your business will help you build brand awareness, connect with prospects, and ultimately convert them into lifelong customers.


It’s a good idea to have a piece of marketing collateral that gives people more general information about your brand, but don’t rely on it to do everything. Create a variety of pieces that are geared toward specific uses; that way, you can help your audiences concentrate on the content that is tailored directly to their needs.


  • Make It Worthwhile: It’s been said that you have to spend money to make money. High-quality collateral will demonstrate to others that you’re very invested in your company and they should be, too.
  • Inspire People to Connect: Just like other forms of marketing, your collateral should include calls to action and contact info. Otherwise, you’ve inspired your audience to take action, but don’t show them how.
  • Integrate Your Communications/Messaging: Don’t silo your audience. Make them aware of all the places your brand exists (both online and in the physical world) and direct them to destinations that will foster wanted actions.
  • Infuse Your Collateral with Your Brand’s Personality: Humans want to connect with other humans. Infuse your brand’s voice and visual personality into your collateral so your audience is able to form a personal bond with your business.

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