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If you’re looking to sweep your significant other off their feet this Valentine’s Day with your thoughtfulness and creativity, you’re in for a treat that’s much sweeter than candy. We’ve created a guide of the top 4 BEST Valentine’s Day gift ideas that involve…well, you guessed it: Playing Cards!

1. 52 Reasons Why (I Love You)!

A common Valentine’s Day gift idea that uses playing cards is “52 reasons…” It’s simple: You write 52 reasons why you love your significant other (fun fact, I created this exact gift for my boyfriend a couple years ago).  This 52-card deck gift idea isn’t only subject to couples.  You can even design a custom Valentine’s Day deck for your best friends AND family members: “52 Reasons Why You’re My Best Friend” or “52 Reasons Why You’re an Incredible Mom”. Here’s What You’ll Need: 1. One classic 52-card deck 2. Hole Punch 3. Binder Rings or Ribbon 4. Sharpie 5. Glue

2. Adorable Playing Card Puns

It is often admitted that one of the most desirable characteristics people look for in a partner is a dazzling sense of humor.  If you want to personalize a Valentine’s Day card for your love, do so by using puns and playing cards.  What’s better than those two, right? Simply place either a King or Queen on construction paper and write: “You’re the Queen of My Heart” or “You’re the King of My Heart”.  You can even use the “2” of any suit and say: “You’re ‘2’ Sweet”.  If you’re a PUN master and up for the challenge, then use any number or face from a deck of cards and create 52 loving puns to give as a gift! Here’s What You’ll Need: 1. A Classic 52-card deck 2. Construction Paper 3. Scissors 4. Envelope 5. Sharpie 6. Glue

3. Playing Card Home Décor

Treat Valentine’s Day like Christmas and decorate your home with playing cards.  Sometimes Valentine’s Day can fall short because it doesn’t ‘feel’ like the holiday when you’re working all day or have other obligations to worry about.  DECKorating will surely create a romantic and loving atmosphere that will remind your significant other how much you love and care about them. 1. Make a heart-shaped wreath by using playing cards and hang it on your front door, or anywhere else you see fit 2. Hang only playing cards with the heart suit on a mantelpiece or somewhere your significant other can admire it while they’re at home 3. Instead of putting roses by their bedside, create a playing card bouquet

4. The Card Game That’s All About (Him/Her)

With Shuffled Ink, create your own unique card game that’s all about your significant other or your relationship.  Some accessories that come along with your card game include card size, card stock, number of cards, booklets, instructions, dice, etc.  There are so many Valentine’s Day game ideas you could consider, such as creating a questions game about milestones in your relationship (where you met, your favorite date spot, where you had your first kiss, etc.)
This Valentine’s Day, allow playing cards to spark some magic into this special day and put your creativity and love for your significant other to new heights.  We can assure you that these playing card designs (especially hilarious puns) will mean the world to the person you love. ● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Card Games at: ShuffledInk


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As the temperature drops, and the leaves change from green to orange and then to yellow, dismiss your pumpkin spice latte cravings and channel autumnal essences into your customized playing cards, personalized tarot cards and card game designs.

Typically, the commencement of Fall hails for decorative pumpkin socks and T-shirts, and although incredibly spirited, they just aren’t going to be enough this year.  Think bigger; think spookier.

Here are 6 suggestions to consider while creating your own Halloween-influenced product with Shuffled Ink.


Preparations for the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you have to remember all of your family traditions, including the yummy desserts and dishes.  Consider printing your Halloween recipes on a deck of cards.  Easily mobile and accessible, you’ll be whipping out the creepy crawling spider cupcakes and zombie-finger cookies just in time for Halloween parties.  And when your family and friends are “dying” to know how exactly you perfectly molded the dough to resemble a skeleton head, you can supply them with their own deck of scary good recipe cards.


Channel your inner psychic abilities if you plan on dressing as a mystic fortune teller this Halloween. But handpicking the perfect outfit is only a fraction of your costume responsibilities.  Don’t forget the most important accessory: Your one-of-a-kind deck of personalized tarot cards (Halloween style, of course).  Personally equipped with distinctive symbols and designs, your original artwork will leave people wondering whether you truly practice the art of divination.  Consider going above and beyond by setting up a fortune-telling booth.  After all, it’s Halloween – where you can dress however you wish and, perhaps, end up looking into the future, too.


While every other house in the neighborhood passes out the same old basic candies, you can fill those buckets with Halloween-inspired playing cards!  Customize your own unique artistry with help from our expert design team, and give the trick or treaters something that’ll last longer than a chocolate bar. The cards, reflecting your very own creative purposes, will channel your take on Halloween’s notorious entities: pumpkins, ghouls, candy corn, flying broomsticks, etc.  Not to mention, parents will thank you for saving them a trip to the dentist.


Whether your kids have dressed up as a pumpkin, ghost or Demogorgon, search through your Halloween archives and print those terrifyingly adorable photos on playing cards!  Much like a holiday card, feel free to send these decks to relatives, family friends and co-workers.  It’s the perfect way to reminisce on the costumes of Halloween’s past while also showing your family completely “decked” out.


With candy-filled tummies and faces oozing syrup-based blood, allow your kids to enjoy Halloween even more so with fun card games.  Matching games promote cognitive development like memory enhancement, classifying skills and imaginary growth.  And just because you’re customizing a children’s game doesn’t mean your Halloween designs have to be limited.  It’s Halloween after all, so make artwork as frightful, friendly or ferocious as you desire!


One of the most important aspects while developing your own board game, especially one with a Halloween theme, is there can never be enough creativity.  Rather than seeing candy corn as a treat, know that it can just as easily be used as a game piece.  Determinate upon your target audience, allow your board game to truly come to life with a spooky storyline, and make sure your visuals are as spine-chilling as you see fit.  Perfect for a cozy night at home or a thrilling Halloween party, your originally designed board game will send your guests running home to create a game of their own!

Hopefully, these ideas have sparked your desire to bring Halloween to life with custom playing cards, card & board games and tarot cards.  Whenever you’re ready to begin working on your personalized project, know that our team of designers will help you from start to finish.  Shuffled Ink can’t wait to turn your idea into a reality!

● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk

● Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards at: ShuffledInk

● Make Your Own Custom Card Games at: ShuffledInk