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Small talk sucks! The unCURATED card game conquers chitchat once and for all!

unCURATED is a memento to late nights on the porch, where an exchange of meaningful stories forged better conversations, deep-rooted relationships, and stronger connections.

Its founder and creator, Dr. Cherini Ghobrial, hopes that each card pulled moves you closer to a solidified emotional foundation and further away from surface-level interactions.

About Dr. Cherini Ghobrial, Creator & Founder of unCURATED

After graduating from pharmacy school, where she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Dr. Ghobrial wanted to pursue health beyond physical wellness. Her current journey tackles the small-talk crisis.

The unCURATED card game is three rounds of creative questions designed to spark meaningful conversations, cultivate connection, and tend to all things essential to our emotional wellness.

My hope for unCURATED is that by creating spaces to ask better questions, together, we can create spaces where we can be seen, where we can see others, and where we can see ourselves more deeply. Where we can realize our shared belonging to each other, and remind each other that we’re not alone. –Dr. Cherini Ghobrial

At the beginning of the creative process, Dr. Ghobrial was unsure how impactful or far-reaching unCURATED would be. But her vision became crystal clear once she realized how much humans resent small talk. Conquering unpleasant pleasantries with more thought-provoking questions, unCURATED allows a genuine interconnection to enter the chat.

Our Small World Moment

There’s no better feeling than seeing a client’s card game being played and enjoyed. –Shuffled Ink Staff

By chance, hundreds of miles away from Shuffled Ink‘s Orlando manufacturing facility, one of our employees spotted Dr. Ghobrial’s unCURATED decks at Valor Coffee in Downtown Alpharetta, Georgia.

The wonderful humans at this brick-and-mortar shop think the world of unCURATED’s mission and have happily offered the game for several years now.

“I remember packing and shipping those cards,” our team member said. “So, it was really cool to see her game out in the real world.”

Say Hello! Find unCURATED At These Locations

Since launching in 2019 and winning the Plywood Presents: Idea Competition in Atlanta, the unCURATED card game has shipped across the globe to countless individuals and businesses.

So, whether you spot the deck by coincidence or pop into one of its East Coast vendors, be sure to grab a deck, join a group, and start connecting!

If we manufactured your card project and you would like us to share your Card Story on our blog, feel free to connect with our Marketing Team here.


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HOW CUSTOM PLAYING CARDS CAN DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL BRAND Custom playing cards can work to develop your personal brands.  One of the wonderful aspects of branding yourself and/or your company is you have absolute power in how you portray yourself and your product. So why not go a step further with branding? Why not do more than just perfect your brand’s online profile?  What if by creating custom playing cards for your business, you could further develop your brand? Here’s how you can further develop both your company and personal brand, as well as a look into some of our clients who have done just that.

Print Your Company Logo On Custom Playing Cards

There are many ways to market your brand.  One way to have a memorable brand is by distributing your logo on a deck of playing cards to both existing and potential customers. There have been many companies, small and large, that have customized a deck of custom playing cards with their unique logo as the work of art.  Handle these cards as you wish — sell them on your website, pass them out during an event — do whatever you can to leave your current and prospective customers with your personal company emblem. Sometimes, companies can fall short in supplying merchandise if there isn’t much value in the product they’re distributing.  Using a 54-card deck of custom playing cards as a supplementary commodity, which has an endless amount of games within its shuffle, helps to further develop both your company and personal brand in transformative ways that go beyond a simple sticker or flyer.

Personal Branding Cards

There’s something unique about using a deck of cards to create a creative complex toward whatever product or idea you’re trying to spread.  It’s easy to create a pamphlet or a video that you can show your target audience, but why not create something that is both visually appealing, mobile and has multi-purposes. For example, if you’re a yoga instructor and want to provide your clients with take-home exercises, allow playing cards to build on the foundation you’ve already created for your students.
  • Instead of writing down a list of poses and stretches for them to do, provide them with playing cards that have an image of each pose
  • Provide a list of techniques that can help with breathing exercises
  • Emphasis any subject you wish to through customizing this deck of cards (positive words, health tips, yoga history).
  • Even provide your social media handles, phone number and email on either the first or last card in the deck (use any and all forms of marketing through these custom playing cards as a way to further your personal brand; more sources means more exposure).
Exploring ways to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing your brand and ideas is extremely important for further developing your company.  If one of your goals is to have people remember your product and you wish to portray your brand in an entertaining and multi-purposed way, then using custom playing cards is the perfect route to pursue. ● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Tarot Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Card Games at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Flash Cards at: ShuffledInk