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CUSTOM CARDS: DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE Our clients’ custom cards serve a unique and clear purpose. They create decks to raise awareness and educate, market their artwork, celebrate milestones and so on. With Shuffled Ink, the creative playing field is vast because there isn’t a cap on personalization options. So, if you’re looking to create a deck of cards with a distinct purpose, then feel free to follow our 4-step design guide. In this article, you’ll find helpful suggestions and strategies as well as examples of our clients’ custom card products.

1. The Purpose

Staying ahead of the game means constantly implementing new initiatives. If you’re a professional seeking to promote and market your brand or logo, an artist looking to use tarot cards as a canvas, or a card game designer working to crush your Kickstarter goal, then Shuffled Ink is best suited to bring your vision to reality. So, let’s run through the basics. Marketing 101
  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What is the message/purpose?
  3. How will you promote this campaign?
All three steps are extremely critical, especially if you’re designing custom cards for marketing, branding, promoting, client gifts, sales leads, trade shows, etc. It’s essential to nail down each of these steps, for example, you can easily craft an excellent message but misinterpret who the target audience is.

2. Choose Your Custom Product

We are positive that our dedicated service and graphics team will suit your needs and help cultivate your message. One of the fantastic parts about creating with us is that any product you choose is entirely customizable, so you make the rules. While Shuffled Ink provides the blank canvas, you are the artist — paint anything you like and in any color(s). Here are our products:

Playing Cards

We have a variety of clients with bold visions for their playing card decks. Here are some messages that are often pursued:
  1. Bringing Awareness: Speak to others through art. Many creators use playing cards to bring awareness to various subjects like saving endangered species and our ecosystems, portraying history, etc.
  2. Promoting Brand/Company: Our clients also choose to print their company emblem, website and/or social media links on their deck of playing cards. This may seem like a simple act, but the impact is tremendous. Now, every single person who interacts with your playing card deck will have access to your supplementary content.
  3. Merchandise: Selling or handing out company merch is a fantastic way to manifest your message into clients’ minds.
EXAMPLES: These illustrations by Give Me a Brief, raise awareness for our planet’s most endangered species.
This deck was printed for both gaming purposes and to raise awareness about the Spotted Lanternfly invading our ecosystem.

Astrodog Media is a Video Production Agency known for crafting high-quality videos and other digital media for businesses, agencies, and brands. The custom faces include different types of dogs floating in space and the backs show the logo.

The SD Office of Highway Safety designed custom playing cards to emphasize the importance of safe driving. Their message is clear: Beat Death. Don’t Cheat it. Instead of including tips and strategies, they let the artwork do all the talking. Each face card includes a reaper-like creature to instill the lurking reality that if you drive recklessly, death may be around the corner.

Flash Cards

If your purpose relates to teaching or training a certain skill, then flash cards are the route to go. Our endless custom options are perfect for educational cards since every person has a different way of teaching and learning. Basically, you dream it, we print it!
  1. Train Employees: Creating PowerPoint presentations are not always an effective route for some business settings. These training flash cards encourage time management, communication skills, risk management, etc. It also reiterates the expectations that employers have for their employees and vice versa.
  2. Teach Interview Skills: It’s never too early or late to start prepping for an interview, which is why there will always be a consumer for this custom card product. Whether it’s their very first one or their hundredth, it’s important to cultivate how they are going to present themselves to a potential employer. Putting one’s best foot forward means that they aren’t reading off a script and studying the basic interview talking points. Rather, they are prepared for the most difficult questions.
  3. Learn a Language: Our clients are constantly setting the bar to new heights. An age-old skill like learning a new language can be interactive and exciting when you implement both visual and auditory elements. Our suggestion is to set your purpose apart from all others. Go against the grain and introduce a new way to learn a language. Consumers are always looking to try new things and if they like what they experience, then word will spread, and you’ll gain more clients.
EXAMPLES: These flash cards are for training purposes in a work environment.
This ultimate Interview Survival Kit includes over 50 tips & strategies to help secure your dream job.
These audio-enhanced flash cards, known as Linguacious are geared toward children. An image of the designated word is displayed with a QR code.  Upon scanning the code with your phone, you will hear the pronunciation of the word in the targeted language.  Here is a visual of the fronts- and backs- of these game-based vocabulary flash cards.

Card Games/Board Games

The overall purpose of card and board games is to entertain, but there’s obviously more to it than just that. If you’re looking to create a custom card game, the message should be locked down and clearly stated. A card game has a lot of different moving parts before it’s printed.
  1. Identify the theme: Having a distinct, unique and fun game will help set yourself apart from other game makers. Right now, you probably have an idea of what the game will be about. For example, will it feature zombies, robots and aliens? Or does it follow a question/answer format (similar to Cards Against Humanity)?
  2. Establish the Rules: This is the fun part! You are the all-knowing creator who is bringing this game to life. But make sure to keep your game’s purpose in mind at all times. You don’t want to stray away from the designated message you’re trying to relay.
  3. Graphic Design & Game Pieces: Customize your game to your heart’s content, including but not limited to the card size, card stock, number of cards, spinners and dice, booklets, instructions and game tokens.
“Some write books to be remembered. Long after you are gone, you will be remembered for the game you have made. So pour your heart out and make a great game…” True Frenemies Board Game Creator, Derek White.
Elephant in the Room Card Game. Players use the white cards to disclose whether they personally agree or disagree with the statement or not.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

If you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge and insight through tarot and oracle cards, let our team print your custom designs. Our clients use tarot to reimagine the world. These pieces are not only eye-catching but the meanings behind each one are equally enticing.
  1. Reinvent: Tarot has an extensive amount of history. Some clients enjoy reproducing decks that are decades old. This allows new tarot designers to reflect on the past and remember where the art form originated.
  2. Readings: Tarot and oracle readings can become quite deep and personal, so consider adding your own original designs to the deck.
  3. Market Art: If your art fits well in the spiritual realm, market using tarot or oracle cards. These decks include however many cards you desire, which allows for an endless supply of art concepts to dabble in.
Nicolas Conver’s 1760 tarot deck was faithfully reproduced by one of our clients for the purpose of restoring history. The deck is also available for purchase.
Make the mundane magical with custom oracle cards. This deck holds 36 allegorical messages to inspire your inner self.
The Wayhome tarot deck by Everyday Magic features images that weave in the magic of the mundane and imbue them with an enchantment that asks us to look a bit harder.

3. Exposure

We’ve found that online exposure is key to relay your brand’s purpose with custom card products. Simply being active on social media is a beneficial form of marketing. Over the past couple of years, we have used social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to market our custom cards. Recently, we started posting content on LinkedIn, which is an incredible site for companies and individuals alike to network and craft a professional message.

4. Client Product Shop

Once your cards are printed (even if we didn’t manufacture your product), you have the option to become a member of our Client Shop.
  • INCREASE AND DIVERSIFY YOUR SALES: Shuffled Ink’s goal is to invest in and cultivate a tight-knit community for our clients to feel comfortable marketing, promoting and selling their custom products. Many alternative online marketplaces charge significant referrals, percent of the sale and other exorbitant fees. This is not our approach! We truly believe that we will achieve our greatest success, by directly partnering and investing in our clients’ success.
  • MEDIA PROMOS: Most e-commerce sites will put your product live on their site and leave it collecting dust. That is not our mindset. Our goal is to actively communicate with you to ensure your message is heard. We will work alongside you to market, promote and sell your custom products on our media platforms. Prior to publishing content, we work with you to perfectly cultivate your desired message.
Here are a few examples of how we promote our clients’ products on our social media (whether available in our shop or not).
Contact us to become a member of our Client Shop or for general information about our products.

Custom Cards with a Purpose

We’re more than happy to chat with you about any and all of your ideas. Our purpose is to assist you. When you choose us to print your products, all hands are on deck. After all, your success is our success. To receive complimentary samples of our card products, include your delivery address and phone number on your custom request a quote form. ● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Tarot Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Card Games at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Flash Cards at: ShuffledInk



As COVID-19 continues to run its course, we are preparing for a relatively new wave in our school system: online classes. Some students and their parents are concerned that learning won’t be the same. To an extent, this is true, which is why it’s important to have a go-to study tool: custom flash cards.

Flash cards are incredibly helpful in a traditional classroom environment, so consider the impact they will have on students who are taking all online classes for the first time.

When we were younger, we used flash cards to learn our multiplication tables and how to spell. As we grew up, yes, the content did change, but the need for flash cards remained.

Flash Cards

During the 1800s and 1900s, flash cards were popular among students who lacked higher education. These cards were quite inexpensive, which helped those who couldn’t afford tutors and other outside sources.

The Benefits

For many generations, from preschoolers to graduate students, flash cards have proven incredibly valuable. Retrieval Practice reported that 50 percent of college students and 20 percent of K-12 students use flash cards. Here are some benefits:

Repetition: Studying is essentially cycling through definitions, formulas, data, etc. This skill is a common and efficient form of studying because it allows information to seep into your subconscious. But the point isn’t just to memorize. If you can’t understand the information on the card, then it’s likely that you won’t do as well on the test.

Zero-In: One of the best parts about studying with flash cards is you make the rules. Rather than reading entire blocks of text in a book, you’re extracting only the important details. Zeroing-in is key because overloading yourself with too much information, especially during a short time period, is difficult to retain.

The Three-Step Process: Studying begins well before you pick up a deck of flash cards. During each step, you are already consuming bits and pieces of the information.

  1. Read through notes to determine what is most valuable.
  2. Write or type all the information on the cards.
  3. Memorize, understand and retain!

Online Learning

Today, virtual learning is quite common. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 25.8 percent of college students, or approximately 5.4 million students, take at least one online class. Now, it’s no secret that this way of learning is not for everyone, especially our younger learners. Not only can it be challenging for children but also for parents.

The need to maintain and increase student engagement has never been more imperative, so it is essential to bring flash cards into the equation.

During March, we got a glimpse into what learning at home looked like. Obviously, it was quite different from the conventional in-class teaching many were used to. Nevertheless, online learning is not entirely new. In 1989, the University of Phoenix was the first institution to launch all collegiate courses virtually. From then on, other schools started implementing similar programs.

Flash Card Maker

At Shuffled Ink, there isn’t just one way to create a deck of flash cards. Every student has a different way of studying, which is why all components are customizable. No matter the subject, you are constructing an ideal learning experience for yourself with a deck of custom flash cards.

Our custom options include:

  • Implementing your own personal designs
  • Determining the perfect card size & number of cards
  • Instructions/booklets or any other custom printed top-quality accessories and packaging.
  • Art Templates as a helpful guide
  • Complimentary graphic support

To receive free samples of our card products, include your delivery address and phone number on the custom request a quote form.

● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Flash Cards at: Shuffled Ink Custom Flash Cards


HOW TECHNOLOGY HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE USE FLASH CARDS Students are constantly relying on flash cards to study, but they aren’t the only ones who benefit from this valuable learning tool.  Generally, flash cards are associated with multiplication tables and definitions, but they certainly expand beyond just that. At Shuffled Ink, our clients have created customized flash cards with QR codes and Augmented Reality implementations.  You may remember your parents flipping through flash cards with pictures and words for your educational benefit.  It was simple and successful.  So, naturally, the introduction of technology-instilled flash cards further the effectiveness of learning.

QR Codes:

These audio-enhanced flash cards, known as Linguacious, developed an innovative way to learn languages. Geared toward children, an image of the designated word is displayed with a QR code.  Upon scanning the code with your phone, you will hear the pronunciation of the word in the targeted language.  Here is a visual of the fronts- and backs- of these game-based vocabulary flash cards.

Augmented Reality:

A flash card’s sole purpose doesn’t always reside in the classroom. Whether you are reading the newspaper or talking with a friend, you are exchanging information and learning something new. Technology is endlessly advancing and, with that, Augmented Reality has entered the flash card and playing card world. This relatively new term, Augmented Reality, is an interactive experience enhanced by our phones, where computer-generated images are layered on top of our real-world environment. Think about the multimedia messaging app Snapchat.  When you are taking a photo of yourself and use one of the many Snapchat lenses to place virtual sunglasses on your face, you are using Augmented Reality. But Augmented Reality can take on many different forms.  In relation to flash cards and playing cards, we have found a way to link the image on a card to a video.  So, once you place your phone over the target image, a video layers directly on top of the card and will play.

More Learning Tools:

Deaf Education:

These “Sign Me Cards” are designed for children, family and friends to learn basic American Sign Language with flash cards.  This is beneficial for deaf children to easily and accessibly learn how to communicate with others.  The cards have also been known to impact children with other disabilities like cerebral palsy who struggle with verbal communication skills.

Creative Storytelling Cards

Character cards box sets are known to provide ideas that assist with improvisation, storytelling, playwriting, pantomime and creative writing.  This allows for the mind to think outside of the box when crafting a story that involves characters with various occupations, personalities, mannerisms and more.

Employee Training

Creating PowerPoint slides and conducting meetings are not always an effective route for some business settings.  Flash cards utilize repetition to encourage time management, communication skills, risk management, etc.  This reiterates the expectations that an employer has for their employees and vice versa. If a student uses flash cards to study for an exam, then it will similarly benefit an employee who is studying on-the-job training tactics.

Redefine Flash Cards

Our clients’ abilities to design and customize has redefined the ways that flash cards are used in our daily lives.  And it has also created learning tools that are fun, entertaining and resourceful.  Explore more card options today, so we can help bring your customized flash cards to life! ● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Card Games at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Flash Cards at: ShuffledInk


7 FUN WORD GAMES AND MORE FOR KIDS It’s important to play fun word games for kids as school wraps up and summer sets in.  A healthy amount of school-related games must be in the cards, so check out these must-play learning games!

1. Bananagrams: Word Game

This family-friendly word game for kids consists of letter tiles that resemble the popular board game Scrabble.  But in this fun game, you create your own crossword grid and produce as many or as little words as you can.  This allows your child to brush up on previously learned words, as well as discover new ones. The end goal here is to create words by using every single tile to win the game. In the Bananagrams word game, there’s a little bit of luck involved and a whole lot of fun!

2. Codenames: Board Game

This board game Codenames is directed toward older children, with the age being 14+.

Codenames Game Versions

  • Codenames Word Game: During this fun word game, you are given an outline of words in the set that belongs to you and your partner.  If you are the spymaster in your team of two, your goal is to describe the word(s) to your partner without specifically using any of the words in your set.
  • Codenames Pictures Game: Now, for the abstract drawing version of Codenames, you have to describe what you see in the drawing, and hopefully, your partner will see and understand the same drawing that you happen to see.
For more information and rules for this game of guessing, watch the video below!

3. Summer Crossword Puzzle Game

This summer, crossword puzzles are the perfect word games for kids. It’s a simple game to acquire (printable online) and it’s mobile. Make a long car ride more interesting and fun with a summer crossword puzzle game. Choose beginner, intermediate or difficult based on the age level of your child. This fun word game will not only allow for an increase in word development but also clue-solving skills for your child.

4. Go Fish!: Numbers Card Game

All you need to play this classic number card game Go Fish! is a standard 52-card deck.  Your child will develop strategy and number skills as they seek any four of a kind, such as four kings, four aces, etc.  In this card game, the rules are quite simple. There aren’t too many factors that go into booking four a kind because the suits (hearts, spade, diamond, clubs) don’t matter.  This allows for a fair playing field and a positive learning environment for your child during summer vacation!

5. Uno: Numbers Card Game

This timeless numbers card game will keep your child focused on matching colors and numbers to maintain their learning skills this summer.  The rules are straightforward.  You can play a RED card on top of a RED card (or a green on top of a green and so on). You can even change the color streak if you have the same number as the last number played.  Of course, there’s the infamous Draw Four, Draw Two, Skip and Reverse cards that will make you either shriek with frustration or laugh with glee! While UNO is extremely fun and entertaining for people of all ages, it equally benefits your child’s learning development while on break.

6. Multiplication Flash Cards

I distinctly remember my mom going through a set of multiplication flash cards with me every single night before bed during summer vacation.  If your child isn’t gung-ho about math and numbers, make it into a fun numbers game, where there are positive rewards for correct answers.  It’s important to make learning and practice feel less like a chore and more like a fun game, which it is!

7. Create Your Own Fun Word Game for Kids

If you’re looking to be completely in control with the types of learning games you want your child to be introduced to, consider creating your own with us!  By personalizing playing cards, card games and/or flash cards into a school-related way, you’re heading in the right direction to keep your child’s learning skills to par this summer vacation.

by Peggy Bourke

Types of Summer Learning Games to Create:

  • Matching Card Games (numbers, colors, shapes, pictures, etc.)
  • Vocabulary/Pronunciation Flash Cards
  • Standard Playing Cards: There is a multitude of games that can be played with a classic 52-card deck but when you add your own personal touch (photos of your child’s favorite sports team, action figures, animals, etc. it allows you to add something unique to whichever learning game you’re playing)
  • Board Games Aimed Toward Strengthening Word and Number Skill Levels
● Official Shuffled Ink website: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Tarot Cards at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Card Games at: ShuffledInk ● Make Your Own Custom Flash Cards at: ShuffledInk



When planning an event, party favors are a necessity.  There are a variety of different themes that can be incorporated into custom playing cards, making it the perfect choice for your next party favor.

Wedding Favor Custom Playing Cards

To celebrate the love between two people while surrounded by friends and family members is such a special moment in one’s life.  Nevertheless, there are definitely moments of stress and touches of insanity when it comes to planning a wedding ceremony.  Among those pressures of creating your dream atmosphere for you and everyone else involved, is coming up with the best party favor for your guests.  A popular requested product is personalized wedding favor custom playing cards.  It is a memory within a game that they will play for many years to come.

Wedding Custom Playing Card Ideas

  • Your proposal photos
  • Both of your baby photos
  • Old photos from when you started dating to the present day
  • Include fun facts about your relationship (quirks, interests, dislikes, etc.)
“Mr. and Mrs.” Wedding Party Favor Custom Playing Cards

Educational Custom Card Games for Kids

Planning a birthday party for your child takes as much time, effort and energy as it does to plan a party for an adult.  While you are organizing various events that will occupy the liveliness of young children for a considerable amount of hours, you have to also think about a custom favor or “goody bag” that will be passed out after the event because the fun and games don’t end when the party concludes. Whatever supplementary items you decide to place in these bags, consider the benefit of providing the young guests with customized educational card games that are designed for explicitly for children. Young minds are constantly being influenced day-after-day by anything and everything they are introduced to. It is our responsibility to implement education and learning skills into their impressionable minds, and it’s easy to create.  Here are some educational card game party favor examples created by our customers.

“Linguacious” Game-Based Custom Flash Cards for Learning Vocabulary

Positive Affirmation Cards

Party favors do not necessarily have to only be passed out during or after a party.  There is something thoughtful about random acts of kindness distributed toward the people who you love like your family members and friends, or the people who you see every day like your co-workers or even a stranger who you pass by on the street.  Custom Affirmation playing cards can mean a lot of different things to people, but one thing they do for everyone is relay positive messages.  With many people opening up about their mental health, and even for anyone who simply has a bad day, affirmation cards can truly help someone to embrace a positive mindset.  It is simply a reminder that everything will be OK.  With positive and motivating thoughts at one’s fingertips, it can be a comforting feeling for any person at any point in their life.

“I Am Power Deck” Custom Affirmation Cards

How to Create These Playing Card Party Favors

One of the great aspects of our company is that most of our custom printed products are manufactured in the U.S.A. We are grateful to have the team, tools and equipment necessary to make nearly all of your products, including the possible last-minute party favor ideas you desperately desire.  Creating your ideal product, whether it be one of the suggestions listed above or one of your own original ideas, is easy to create with our accessible Design Shop.  The basic steps include choosing a canvas/template, designing your custom playing card’s images and texts, etc.  And how you want your party favor to look is completely your decision, but of course, our design team is always happy to help assist. 



Everyone retains information differently—there’s certainly no question about that. But there is one learning technique that has repeatedly proven effective for most types of people, and that is the use of flash cards. So the question must be asked: why?


As human beings—regardless of age, gender or race—we have a natural need for learning. And because of that need, we are challenged to find the best and most effective ways to do it. There are visual learners who learn best by observation, auditory learners who prefer listening and taking notes, kinesthetic learners who learn best through experience and physical activity, and so on and so forth.

But almost every type of learning style works well with custom flash cards. Here’s why:


Unlike some learning techniques (like picking from a multiple-choice quiz, re-reading a passage or  highlighting text), using flash cards lets users recall the information from scratch.


Flash cards allow users to self-reflect and assess their progress. This is known as metacognition. They prompt users to ask questions like: Was my answer close to the correct answer? If not, how far off was it? If so, how accurate was it? How many questions have I answered correctly today?

The more answers that are correct, the more inclined the users are to continue learning.


Due to the fact that flash cards are independent from books or other documents, users can categorize cards into piles that need to be studied more. This confidence-based repetition has been proven to be the leading method of improving memory performance.


According to a publication by Nate Kornell from the Department of Psychology at UCLA, “Maximizing long-term learning requires creating challenges for learners that engage the type of active information processing that creates lasting memories (Bjork, 1994, 1999).” With flash cards, users are challenged to recall information purely from memory (best for long-term retention), rather than select an answer from a multiple-choice question (best for short-term retention).

Over the last decade, board games have surged in popularity. With a growth rate of up to 40% year over year, this “Golden Age for Board Games” (as deemed by The Guardian) has brought many new games into fruition, and is now one of Kickstarter’s top-funded project categories.

 Interested in creating your own custom flash cards? Click below to get more info!

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